About Us

The year 1948 marks the first time the name of the family business appeared in public. Back then it was on a small piece of land shaped in the form of a triangle, thus the name “Wedge”. Wedge Service was a small Mobil gas station that had two gas pumps and an outside lift. The attendant not only pumped the gas, but gave change back to the customers from a silver coin holder hung from his belt. His only coworker at that time—his wife—did all of the bookkeeping for the company. The little gas station was open around the clock, seven days a week, with both a day shift and a night shift. Through long hours and dedication the two not only grew an established business, but still found time to raise their family!

Over the years, their sons, Barry and Ricky, also worked at the gas station. In the summer of 1970 the brothers started Wedge Tire in a corner tavern located on the 1900 block of North Broadway. Several years later they moved across the street to expand their tire company, and eventually came to own the entire city block!

Throughout the years Wedge Tire has become a dominant force in the retail, commercial, and industrial tire markets. Wedge is the single largest warehouse of industrial forklift tires in Missouri, in addition to being one of the largest distributors of large truck tires in St. Louis. Wedge Tire services some of the largest companies in Missouri and Illinois, including worldwide companies that are based here in St. Louis. Wedge Tire has the inventory and man-power to sell at a high volume on both a commercial and retail level. We are equipped with two mobile 200 ton tire press trucks that can service customers at your location, in addition to two large stationary in-house tire presses. Our experienced and dedicated sales team will work tirelessly to cater to your needs and get you rolling again.

High quality merchandise, honest business practices, and quick, dependable service are trademarks of this family-owned industrial and commercial tire business.

Wedge Tire