About Wedge Tire

Since 1970, high quality merchandise, honest business practices, and quick, dependable service are trademarks of our family-owned tire business.

Wedge Tire in 1970

Wedge Tire in 1970

Generations of Pride, Decades of Experience

In 1970, brothers Barry and Ricky founded Wedge Tire in a corner tavern located on the 1900 block of North Broadway. After a successful start, they later moved across the street to expand their tire company, eventually coming to own the entire city block.

Throughout the years, Wedge Tire has become a dominant force in the retail, commercial, and industrial tire markets. Wedge is the largest warehouse of industrial forklift tires within a 150-mile radius of St. Louis, and it stands as one of the largest distributors of large truck and construction tires in St. Louis. Wedge Tire services some of the largest companies in Missouri and Illinois, including worldwide companies based in St. Louis. With a substantial inventory and a dedicated workforce, we cater to high-volume sales on both commercial and retail levels. Equipped with two mobile 200-ton tire press trucks and the largest stationary in-house tire press within 150-mile radius of St. Louis, our experienced team works tirelessly to meet your needs and get you rolling again.

As the business continues its success, Ricky’s two sons, Mike and Jeff, are now embarking on their journey as the second generation of Dicker brothers, ensuring that Wedge Tire remains a dominant force in the tire business in St. Louis.

Wedge Tire is entering its 54th year in business and shows no signs of slowing down.

Ricky and Barry Old Photo

Ricky and Barry

Mike Ricky and Jeff

Jeff, Ricky, and Mike

Ricky and Barry

Ricky and Barry

Ricky Mike and Jeff

Jeff, Mike, and Ricky